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Best Stress Balls

What’s great about a stress ball is that it will take all of the abuse you can dish out without ever passing judgment. You can literally squeeze the stress right out of yourself. And they’re easy to carry around too.

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What Makes The Best Stress Ball The Best?

Stress balls come in all colors, shapes, textures and sizes.

The best stress ball for you is going to be based on what features and benefits you would like based on your wants and needs.

I’ve listed the top 9 best stress balls below. All of them will do the job for you.

9 Best Stress Balls For 2021

1. Best Overall: Candescent Stress Balls

Not only will these stress balls diminish your stress and anxiety, they will reduce stiffness & joint pain by stimulating your blood circulation. You can work out your hands while getting your senses tingly with these fancy fabric stitched gel balls. 

Each ball includes aesthetically pleasing designs with quotes that inspire all. You’ll get 2 powerful unique sayings with this set to match your motivation of the day, “Mindset Determines Happiness” & “Enjoy Every Moment”.

Two durable stress balls are included making this a great value.

Price: About $13 (includes 2 stress balls)

2. Best Stretchy Stress Ball: The Dough Ball

The squeezable stress ball is a great tool to help you cope with stress, anxiety and ADHD. It will also help you with your motor skills development. It’s perfect for all ages, including kids who are drawn to the bright colors.

This squishy stress ball is durable and designed to last. You can even wash it without worrying about ruining it.

Price: About $7

3. Best Hand Grip Strength Trainer & Stress Ball: This Peradix Trio

These colorful stress relief balls have three levels of strength progression (15kg- 25kg- 30 kg resistance). They can improve finger and grip strength for athletes (rock climbing enthusiasts, fitness, tennis, baseball, boxing, tennis, golf and shooting) and musicians (guitar players, bass players, pianists and violinists). And it also relieves your tension and anxiety.

Price: About $10 (includes 3 stress balls)

4. Best Squishy Balls: Bustami

Unlike other stress relief balls, these squishy balls can be squeezed, stretched, and stuck to any surface. In short, they’re fun to play with. They have a unique and relaxing texture and are made of a durable material that will not break no matter what you do with them.

They come in blue, pink, and green, so you can easily spot them and enjoy the intense and vivid colors. These sensory toys are non-toxic and BPA-free and can be washed with soap to keep them clean and safe.

Price: About $13 (includes 3 stress balls)

5. Best Colorful Stress Balls: Arggh

This fun giant (5 inch) stress ball is perfect for physical and emotional stress relief therapy. Vent stress, anxiety, anger or use as a form of calming toy to aid in concentration and focus; squish, squash and squeeze this anti stress ball with both hands

This stress ball for kids can also be an effective ADHD ADD Autism toy to help kids relax and focus; these fun sensory balls are safe, nontoxic, tactile toys for kids ages 8+. This giant squishy ball can be used for wrist, hand and finger exercises.

This anti anxiety ball is filled with a safe nontoxic gel.

Price: About $15 

6. Best Texture Stress Relief Balls: Bingole Mesh Squishy

This 100% squeeze ball has a pleasing texture that will help you relax your hands. It is made of soft rubber. Squeeze its body, it will change into a grape shape. These stress balls are perfect for stress and anxiety relief.

Very good pressure release tool for the office or home. Also can be used as a toy for fun.

These balls are curiously addictive – in a good way.

Price: About $13 (includes 4 stress balls) 

7. Runner Up Colorful Stress Ball: The Rainbow

This Rainbow color large squishy ball is perfect for physical and emotional stress relief therapy. You can vent stress, anxiety, anger or use as a form of calming toy to aid in concentration and focus. You can squish, squash and squeeze this anti stress ball with both hands.

The Rainbow is safe and nontoxic approved for all ages. More than just a fidget stress toy, this giant squishy ball can be used for wrist, hand and finger exercises.

Price: About $15  

8. Best Water Bead Stress Ball Package

You’ll get 4 different styles of this colorful fidget stress ball. They are perfect for physical and emotional stress relief. Safe, nontoxic stress balls made of non-toxic silicone, soft and safe.

These water bead balls are premium quality and designed to last.

If you are not 100% satisfied with these adorable, perfectly-sized and ultra-fun water beads stress balls, they will offer you a prompt and full refund immediately.

Price: About $17  (includes 4 stress balls)

9. Best Hand Therapy Stress Ball: Serenilite

The Serenilite allows you to squeeze away stress, anxiety and all of your mental tension and get to your place of Zen. These hand therapy balls are perfect for adults, teens and kids. These gel squeeze balls will enhance your focus and concentration as well as increase your muscle agility and flexibility.

These high quality stress balls are perfect for physical and emotional stress relief.

Price: About $10  

The 5 Benefits Of Using A Stress Ball

1. Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Studies have proven the positive reduction in stress and anxiety levels by regularly using a stress ball. Stress relief leads to a better quality of life.

2. Stimulates Your Nervous System

There are many nerves in your body that connect to the nerves in your hand and wrist. Using a stress ball increases the strength of these nerves and improves your overall nervous system.

3. Creates A Welcome Distraction

One of the best ways to stop anxiety and reduce stress is to distract yourself from those patterns. Stress balls are a perfect distraction whether you’re at work or at home.

4. Can Improve Strength & Heal Injury

Stress balls can improve your hand and wrist strength and improve flexibility. They can also help you shorten the recovery time from an injury.

5. A Low Cost Solution

A stress ball is not only effective, but ridiculously cheap to have. Most of them last for years giving you a huge benefit return on your small investment.

Best Stress Balls Summary

Stress and anxiety are certainly complicated problems.

Luckily, some of the best solutions to these problems are simple distractions and tools. Stress balls certainly fall into this category.


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